Arduino project # 1. Blinking LED

Arduino. Blinking LED

Hi all! Let’s get started with “Blinking LED” experiment.

For the “Blinking LED” experiment we’ll need:
– Arduino UNO board
– USB-cable (like for regular printer)
– board for prototyping (breadboard)
– Light-emitting diode
– 220 Ohm resistor
– two wires daddy-daddy

Arduino. Blinking LED. Components
Arduino. Blinking LED. Components

Next picture will show you the whole circuit.

Arduino. Blinking LED. Circuit
Arduino. Blinking LED. Circuit

The same from another side:

Arduino. Blinking LED. Circuit
Arduino. Blinking LED. Circuit

The picture above shows how to make a circuit. For making it you should to know few things (about physics as well).

You can imagine a current like stream or flow of river. It goes always from positive to negative. Or in this example from digital pin # 10 (D10, D here means digital) to ground (GND).

In this circuit Arduino gives us voltage of 5V. This is to much for our LED (light emitted diode). It will “eat” about 2V. And remaining 3V can burn our LED. So, we need to add something that can “eat” approximately 3V. For example, a resistor. I was using 220R (or 200 Ohm).

And about breadboard. You can plug in your details using long (plus and minus) lines or (as I used in this little experiment) short 5-hole lines on breadboard.

The working circuit you can watch here:

And second part of every Arduino project is of course the code.

For this little experiment the code is pretty simple and you can find it in Basic examples of your IDE. You can download this software from the website or you can use web version of it. In second case you will need to install a plugin for possibility of recognizing the board by browser. It is not difficult  process.

As you see you can easy do it yourself.

Sincerely your Positive Knight

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