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In recent post I talked about my purpose to start to use, explore and write about Arduino.

The first step in learning this field can be the website  which provides a very best simulation of Arduino (and 3D-models also).

Here is the logo of tinkercad:

Tinkercad logo
Tinkercad logo

I think the inventor can use this website for trying Arduino before buying it and parallel with creating new schemes.

On website you should search for circuit section.

You’ll find there a quick tutorial also. And YouTube will help you also 😉

I am starting using it. My thoughts about it – later.

Sincerely your Positive Knight

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2 thoughts on “Arduino online. Tinkercad

  1. Today I have ordered an Arduino Starter Kit. I couldn’t stand this desire and bought an Arduino. I like to touch things with my hands.

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