A lot of efforts. Pause. Arduino

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A lot of effort has been put into this blog. 25 articles have been written. And only two of them (about a TV series for learning English and about the division of people by types of education) are popular.

Then there was a time when I did not write a single post for a long time. I think the reason was a lack of a topic that would fascinate me.

I would like to buy an Arduino as a hobby and experiment with this board. To program it for some things. But now until I haven’t it, I wonder if there are websites on the Internet with lessons and practice (virtual) work with Arduino? I suggest, yes. I will make some exploring and share with you the results.

Who knows, may be Arduino will become the first successful (because it’s interesting for me) topic for this blog.

Sincerely your Positive Knight 😉

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