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The “common-sense” way to write a headline that sells

As Robert W. Bly writes in his The Copywriter’s Handbook, “If it [a headline – P.K.] offers news or helpful information or promises a reward for reading the ad, the first impression will win the reader’s attention.” (Bly, Robert W. The Copywriter’s Handbook (p. 14). Henry Holt and Co. Kindle Edition). 

In the modern world, every second is worth its weight in gold. So, to grab the attention of a prospect you have to offer something really attractive.

Compare these three headlines:

  • How to write a compelling headline?
  • How to write a headline that sells?
  • The simplest way to write a headline that sells

The first one promises a compelling headline. But who of business owners wants these aesthetic things? What people want that this headline grabs the attention of the potential client.

The second is better, while it promises to sell products.

The third headline tells us that we can do it simply also. In my opinion, the last one is the best.

Common sense and logic

As you can see, just using logic and common sense, you can create a fairly good headline. About how to create high-quality headlines without efforts – in the next posts.

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