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5 ways to gain customer trust

A potential customer’s trust is an important component of success when it comes to the likelihood with which he will make a call to action. The greater the trust, the more likely it is. Therefore, one of the tasks of your text or landing page should be to increase the level of trust.

You can achieve this by using these 5 simple but important ways:


Needless to say, it goes without saying that any lie that is exposed will hit the image hard.

When gaining the trust of the client, everything is important – even the smallest details. Such as:

Page loading speed

Well, that’s understandable – the faster the better. It’s better to order a page from a web developer that will load quickly than to do something yourself based on heavy frameworks.

Page appearance

The design should not be too original or expensive, but it should be at a level higher than amateur.

Unrounded numbers

Use unrounded numbers – numbers with a dot. Although rounded numbers are easier to read, non-rounded ones are more credible.

Spelling, syntax – no mistakes

A little money paid to a literary editor will help to avoid an awkward situation with errors in the text.

Good luck! And happy copywriting! Your Positive Knight 😉

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