Why do you need to read a lot for learning a foreign language?


As I mentioned before, I see my way of learning English as reading a lot.

Why is it the best way for me?

It is true because a reading leave an emotional footprint (scent? I do not like a word which begins from foot to describe something about a soul) in your soul. And this print is very important for a word memorizing. For example, you read about someone’s misery. So, you can imagine all the experiences of main character. And you almost exactly know what she (or he) feels. His (her) experiences becomes yours. So, you for 100 % will remember a word misery. Especially in the case when author ends his work with this word.

Reading is incredibly useful for memorizing of the words. You can also guess the meanings from the context. But this is another story.

So, keep going! Read a lot! And I hope you (and me also) will master your English very soon.

Sincerely yours,
Positive Knight

By the way, I read books here.

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