Where to learn CSS? At Codecademy
CSS code on the screen

Where to learn CSS? At Codecademy

As I mentioned before, I was going to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets – a part of website-making skills). It is not a programming. But it needs IT-knowledge and experience for this. CSS is used for making layout and styling of websites.

Actually I am not going to start, but recall, remember of knowledge. I have some experience of editing CSS. And now it’s time for expand my website-decoration skills.

And the question is where to go? Where I can get practice first of all? (I love learning by doing.) And the answer is – of course at Codecademy!

There is lot of programming courses. And one of them is course about CSS.

How the learning organized at the Codecademy?

When I started to learn CSS at Codecademy I was pleasantly surprised. There are three parts of a screen. On the left side there is theory and tasks you should made. In the middle there is code editor. And on the right there is the result – how your work will be look like in browser.

I like this idea. 1. You get knowledge. 2. Doing some work. And 3. Enjoy the result. Very motivating concept.

codecademy screen, code editor
codecademy screen, code editor

By the way, you can expand the code editor or browsing part of window by pressing arrows in the top right corner. It can be useful for someone.

I am going to walk around here. I will share all my thoughts with you, friends.

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Sincerely yours, Positive Knight

UPD: I am moving bit by bit through this course of CSS when I have time. And I think it is interesting.

UPD2: I am moving slowly through the course. And I made some changes on my websites. I changed a style of them a bit. And most useful feature for me now is nested items. I can modify style of pages very specifically.

UPD3: I am going on through and can tell you: this is the coolest well illustrated course. I like it.

UPD4: I have reached the last lesson (about Grid in CSS). After few tasks (one lesson has more than 10 tasks) I think it is very powerful.

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  1. Positive Knight

    After few days I can say: CSS at Codecademy is an incredible journey, like a walk along a path with amazing views.

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