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What type of learning do you have? VARK model

In order to be successful (and happy of course) we have to learn through whole our life. And for successful learning it is important to know what type of learning do we have.

Four types of learners. VARK model

VARK model.
VARK model. Image source: Kompas Muda (https://muda.kompas.id/baca/2016/12/11/knowledgeoflearningstyles/)

There are four type of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, “read/write” learners and kinesthetic learners.

The creator of these four types of learning model is Neil Fleming.

Accordingly to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Fleming), “Prior to Fleming’s work, VAK was in common usage. Fleming split the Visual dimension (the V in VAK) into two parts—symbolic as Visual (V) and text as Read/write (R). This created a fourth mode, Read/write and brought about the word VARK for a new concept.”

In this concept every letter of the word VARK means:

V means Visual type of learning
A means Aural (Auditory) type of learning
R means Read/Write type of learning
K means Kinesthetic type of learning

Further Wikipedia says: “Fleming claimed that visual learners have a preference for seeing (visual aids that represent ideas using methods other than words, such as graphs, charts, diagrams, symbols, etc.)… Auditory learners best learn through listening (lectures, discussions, tapes, etc.), and tactile/kinesthetic learners prefer to learn via experience—moving, touching, and doing (active exploration of the world, science projects, experiments, etc.).” Read/Write learners, you’ve understand, receive information better with reading-writing.

What to do with this knowledge?

A bored girl
A bored girl

You’ve known some information about four learning styles. So, what to do now? You can find and pass the test, which are many on the Internet. If you will know your “first” learning style, you can benefit from this knowledge (and not to be like a girl on the picture above;-) ).

But you shouldn’t limit yourself with only this one. I think most people have mixed type. And you can use all of them depending on the situation.

In the end I’ll ask you: do you know your type of learning? I know my. Do you want to speed up your learning? Pass the test right now…

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