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Increase income by 8 times during the year: my attempts

As I mentioned in this blog before (on the page “For whom is this blog?”), In January 2019, I set an ambitious goal – by the end of the year, increase my income by 8 times.

My goal is to increase income – to get decent income/salary.

Deadline – December 31, 2019.

In this blog I will describe all my steps (successful and not) to my goal.

And article below will consist of list of such steps. Here I will publish something like a map – steps to achieve the goal mentioned above.


How can a man (or woman) from the second or third world country reach decent salary/income?

1. Become a demanding specialist.
2. Work on outsourcing.
Or combine 1 and 2
3. Start your business.

I consider it possible to create different types of income – both active and passive. So, I will try both types.


My steps

Colors: red – failure
yellow – trying to do
green – success

  1. The first way is to create a blog.

This is the way that I am using right now. I installed and made the first simple steps in blogging.

  • first thing you need to do to write an article,
  • second – you will need to make some SEO optimization of your post.


  1. Remote work on a firm from the country of the first world.

2.1. Writing (rewriting) articles in English.

I discovered this way of earning money. Yes, it is possible, but you must have very high proficiency of English. So, I decided to start blogging for myself now (improving my English by the way) and I will back to writing job for another firm (outsoursing) later.


2.2. Remote work as tester.

I signed up for utest.com and passed three mini courses: web, mobile testing and charley proxy.

Yes, I can do it. Although this work still seems to me a bit boring.

Although, perhaps, motivation in the form of money could help change the attitude.

The basic idea is now: try to understand whether this is mine. Tendency to improve the world I think that I have.


2.3. Remote work on Amazon Mechanical Turk

There are so-called Human Intelligence Tasks. Prices for different tasks are 1 cent.

I was refused (without explanation of reasons) within three banking days.

Of course, I could make some money here. But achieving the goal with this website seems to be poorly achievable.


To be continued…

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