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The main purpose of a blog is to bring value

The blog has to bring value. First of all a blog has to solve some problems of my readers. 
I think this point has to be most important, when I am working with my blog. So, this will entail a benefit for you, my readers. And now I am going to think about how to bring usefulness for you. So, I will go…

Hi, I am back. And now while I am trying to find my way in this life (actually job of my life) I want to share my experience with a website for learning English. Yes, while I am on the way of searching I am continuing to learn English. And may be my experience will give you some usefulness, so this blog will bring you some value…

So, here it is!


Couple words about it: you can find there many high quality programs. And I like to watch videos, so, I like this channel. And it costs only 2 U.S. dollars per month. I think it is a quite low price. I didn’t decide yet if I will continue using this channel next moth, but I am watching it almost every day now. I recommend it.

Good luck!

Your Positive Knight

P.S. More about learning English I wrote in my earlier posts

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