The coolest website for free online reading ever


There is a cool website for reading online. It is called And the best option ever on this website is that you can download audio-version of chosen-by-you e-book and training your pronunciation (and listening) by reading and listening at the same time. It is a very good way for learning English. Especially if you mind that there are big amount of books for every level of learning. One thing you should do is to register on the website using your email.

Here is how the website is look like: schreenshot schreenshot

I am going to use it, and I will describe my opinion about it later…

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One thought on “The coolest website for free online reading ever

  1. Today I’ve read a book from this website. Actually short-story. And it was not so daunting as it seemed. I am feeling a satisfaction now as motivation to read further as well.

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