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Learn a foreign language from the context: read a lot

Learn a foreign language from the context: read a lot

My way of learning English is to read a lot. And learn from the context. I learned already one language I this way (So, I speak two languages fluently now.). And I know that this way is effective.

If you want to learn a language this way you have to adhere these advises:

– stuff must be interesting for you,
– with 90 to 95 % of all words you must be familiar,
– you must make from this activity a daily routine.

And I am going to add a watching video to this activity – in this way I am going to reach right pronunciation.

My writing skills I am improving by creating new posts in this blog.

I am going to improve speaking and grammar with a teacher.

So, I am going to cover all activities for learning a foreign language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

I have described my way and hope it will be interesting and encouraging for you. I will keep you informed about my progress.

Sincerely yours, Positive Knight

2 thoughts on “Learn a foreign language from the context: read a lot

  1. Now, a year after posting this, I understand that my way must be the same. I have to read a lot, and I have to watch video lessons (to pretend that I am learning in real time while watching a captured webinar on YouTube).
    And I have two links for you guys:
    I watch these webinars on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIrT0uq6z-Y&list=PLN3kZ8bfmMJMxqGdgwpxKyjhmuhvU1HkV&index=33
    And I read e-books here: https://english-e-reader.net/level/pre-intermediate

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