My pathway to job of the dream

pathway to job of the dream

I’ve decided to use my education, which is philological and pedagogical, to come to the job of my dream. I see the job of the dream as text editing for the publishing (first of all, online). And I understand that a way to this high-proficiency job is long. On the little lower English level can be placed teaching and writing activities. So, I’ve decided to begin from them.

We all have very little time which we can dedicate to the English language learning and also to the mastery of the writer’s proficiency and teaching.

Therefore, methods should be rigid. This is the only one thing that comes to my mind now.

Well, what does it mean?

In language learning:

memorize 5 words per day. (The first part of this technique I call “to hammer in”. Then (second) I add them to Anki – a spaced repetition app – for recalling later.)

to take different courses

to take tet-a-tet lessons

In writer’s proficiency:

to read a lot. To read something every single day. And this means: completely refuse the Facebook. That will free about half an hour for reading every day.

to write every week (in this blog)

In teaching:

to teach (Actually, I have already a student. You can congratulate me!). I am exploring now the Oxford’s bookshelf platform, which seems to be very convenient.



Together these activities will take an hour or more of the time during the day (half an hour of reading and half an hour to find, to memorize words and add them to Anki, and a bit of time for the writing an average text for this blog). I think I’ll find the time for this. Time and … much more efforts symbol of which is the running track on the picture below.

running track
running track

I am going to describe you all the steps and I hope all of them will be successful on this way. So, keep in touch. To be continued…

Sincerely yours
Positive Knight

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