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Increase efficiency of blogging using these 7 characteristics

One of ways earning money is creating a blog. A good blog can bring worthy income. But a quality blog is not only beautifully written text. Blogging is like a precious stone. And polishing its faces, you can by times increase income from the blog. In this article I am (on an example my own blog) will show the ways of increase efficiency of blogging, which will help you increase your blog’s revenue by times.

How to work on increasing of the effectiveness of blogging?

To visualize the process of increasing the effectiveness of the blogging, I created the following chart.

7 blog characteristics that will increase revenue by times
7 blog characteristics that will increase revenue by times

Each item can be brought to perfection separately, but you can work on all or several at the same time. For example, after writing and publishing each article you can as a rule to do SEO-optimization (with the help of plugin Yoast in WordPress). This action may take a few minutes, but will increase the number of future visitors. After that, you can take the spread of the post in social networks, and so on.

It does not matter what exactly and in what sequence you will improve on your blog , however, if we use the language of visualization – diagrams, your “star” should become as wide as possible.


Areas for increasing efficiency of blogging

  1. English proficiency.

Yes, blog language must be English. My score at the time of starting a blog is about 2-3 points from 10. I am now learning an intermediate level of English. And I’m going to improve this feature of the blog by reading , remember words and phrases and taking lessons – two per week . Lessons will be free. So I’ll have to add it to the costs.

  1. Writing skills.

Actually I’m going to do a writer job by doing this blog. So I need some excellent writing skills . So I’m going to take a course (or some courses) of writing mastery.

Actually, I already have a linguistic education, so I will start no zero points. So I think I can score my writing skills in 2-3 points (I can create some simple texts in English, have experience creating instructions and tutorials. I have written even small book. But I think my writing skills still are not so good) .

  1. SEO-optimization .

I do not know much about it. But I installed a plugin to enhance it. And I work on every post to make SEO-optimization. I am writing tags to each post. 4 points.

  1. Semantic core (top phrases, which will bring traffic to your website)

Semantic core means top phrases, which will bring traffic to your website. I think the main phrases should be like these. Increase income, increase salary, learning English are very popular phrases. “Promote blog” is not so popular. I used google trends to see these trends.

It needs to use Google Ads (keyword planner) to create a list of phrases. I did not do that. Actually, I need to find a tutorial on how to create a semantic core of the website.

increase income – searchable, low competition.
salary increment – more searchable, low competition.
learning English – much more searchable, but medium competition.

So, I gave me 2 points.

  1. Social media integration.

It is necessary to create a page on Facebook. It needs to add social buttons to all posts (plugin).

I did not nothing from these – 0 points.

  1. Sense of humor.

Well, I think I have a sense of humor. 4 points

  1. Being in context of English culture.

I’m discovering this. 2 points.


If you use these ways to increase the effectiveness of your blogging, you can increase revenue from it by several times.

Remember: “star”-diagram of your blog should increase steadily – grow in all directions. Ideally, the diagram should look like a wheel.

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