I need your advice, friends!

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Hi friends!

I am still on the way of searching for the best job for me. And I need your help on this way.

What can I do?

– I can manage pages in social media,

– manage CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

– I can make HTML/CSS version of web-pages from mock-ups (PSD). – a little bit boring job for me. I know also some PHP. So, I will almost never breake your website. 😉

– I can create a chat-bot using Manychat.

What can I do after some improving of my skills?

– I can learn how to write texts which can sell things. – not so interesting for me, but I think reachable. It needs of improving my English.

May be you can give me some advice which way to choose. I will appreciate it and I will be thankful.

What do I like?

I like some programming and logical and computer stuff. But every time I discover this field deeper I feel like I am created by God for something else.

If do you have something to say, leave comments below, do not hesitate.

2 thoughts on “I need your advice, friends!

  1. I am going to continue to learn HTML/CSS/JS on the website htmlacademy.ru . There are paid sections on the website. I am going to learn them. Some tasks are boring, but user interface and explanation are on very high level.

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