How to start blogging with minimum of budget?
budget of blogger

How to start blogging with minimum of budget?

The minimum budget of blogger. Which is it? How many of money do you need for starting a blog? So, let’s begin with a question “What do we need for blogging?”.

The list will contain:

1. A laptop (about 400 USD). To pay less we are going to install Linux. The processor almost doesn’t matter (64 bit architecture of course). It can be enough 8 GB of RAM in 2020. But SSD is necessary for high speed. I’ll call this machine a “typewriter”.

The LibreOffice is free, thanks to God.

2. Domain and hosting

You will need a domain (name of your blog like and a hosting (a space. A couple of gigabites will be enough. More – better). For all together you will pay about 50 USD per year (my experience).

3. You will need an Internet connection. From my experience again, it can be 50 USD per year.

All together makes about 500 USD.

As we can see from above, most expensive part of blogger’s budget is a laptop. But… Don’t became upset! There is a solution. Evrika! You can replace it with Raspberry pi (35 USD). You can plug in this mini computer to your television. So, now you need only about 200 USD together for first year of blogging. Except your writing time. It can be interpreted as 20 USD per month. Quite small amount of investment, right?

The answer is 20 USD per month.

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