How to choose job of your dream?

How to choose job of your dream?

Hi there! This post is for those who didn’t find (choose) a job of dream yet. I’ll describe a starting of my way in such search.

I passed about ten different tests to determine the profession, but did not know my purpose of life.

I have technical skills, albeit small.

I started learning programming several times but failed.

Now I’m going to do it one more time. I found a course at about WordPress (Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code by Brad Schiff) and I’m passing it (actually 25% done). The course has very high quality.

Why am I doing this? I think the best job orientation is to try yourself in a particular activity.

The test can help determine the direction, but whether you are a able to do a particular job, you can only find out if you try.

So, I recommend an internship (best option) or practice. As long as you do not try to “taste” the job, you can not make a decision about it, it will remain an impossible dream.

So, I encourage you to try yourself in new sphere if you didn’t do it and don’t have job of your dream yet.

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  1. Positive Knight

    Thanks to the course on I’ve changed a bit my theme of WordPress. And now single post page is shown without logo, with nice green line at the top of page and with enhanced position of picture. I am little proud of me )))

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