How many words do I need to know to start to write?
how many words I have to know to start to write

How many words do I need to know to start to write?

How many words do I need to know to start to write for such websites like, or, etc. How many words do I have to learn every day to feel progress in learning English? I am trying to answer this questions in this little post.

How many words?

I think that I know now about 2000 or 2500 words which mean pre-intermediate or intermediate level. Fluent level is 10000 words. And for starting of writing I think I need about 5000 words. So, I have to learn 2500 new words in short period. Real pace for me is 5 words a day. So, it needs 2500 / 5 = 500 days for starting real job like a writer. And I don’t want to spend 1.5 years. Life is short. So, I want to shorten this period to 250 days which means that I have to learn 10 words per day. It can be difficult, but I am going to use the “Anki” app  and in such way decrease time of learning.

A spaced repetition app “Anki”


Anki (Ankidroid for Android, Ankiweb is a web version) is an app which uses a spaced repetition method of memorizing words or phrases and it’s really cool. I would write about it another post, may be later. It’s worth it.

Feeling of progress in learning English

I am determined and have a strong motivation. I have experience of learning only 2 words per day during one month. And with such slow pace I felt progress and I liked this feeling so much. So, I can imagine what can be if I will run faster. I will receive more satisfaction.


I have learned only two words today, but they are very important for me. They are “armire” and “determination” (from the end of Rebecca’s video How to make your English learning plan and achieve your goals). She said “I admire your determination”. I liked this. And I am determined to achieve my goals.

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