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First thing you need to do to increase your income is to improve English

Do you want to work for American or European company?
Or do you want to become a high proficiency specialist (study or get practice)?
Or do you want to be just translator (interpreter)?
Or a good writer? 😉 etc.

In all these cases you need to improve your English.

I am like you. So I decided to do something:

– to take English lessons;
– to learn approximately 5 new words a day.

English is a key to your success. English is a first step on this way.

So I encourage you to do the same. Make your own steps to life of your dream (job of your dream and so on).

P.S.: And as a bonus to today’s writing take this tip about learning English:

There are passive learning and active learning. For example, have radio or TV in English in your house on while you doing something – passive. And using an app for learning a few words a day or conversation with friends in English – active activities.

Use both – active and passive ways and you’ll reach success!

Sincerely yours, positive knight

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