An experiment: memorize words and read
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An experiment: memorize words and read

This is the circumstances, that I have very little time that I can devote to the study of foreign (English) language and also the mastery of the writer’s profession. Therefore, methods should be tough. This is the only thing that comes to my mind now. I am going to memorize words and read every day to achieve my goal (UPD: actually days turned into steps).

Well, more specifically, what does it mean?

In language learning: memorize 5 words per day. (I call this Technic “to hammer in”. Then add them to Anki – a spaced repetition app – for recalling later.)

In the writer’s activity: to read. To read something every single day.

Together these activities will take an hour of time during the day (half an hour of reading and half an hour to find, to memorize words and add them to Anki). I think I’ll find this hour.

I will put an experiment. Do this for a month. After 30 days I will make a report about it for you, friends.

Sincerely yours
Positive Knight



Steps to the goal:

1st step: I read until page 28 of book and found only two new words:

hall of residence

2nd step: I read until page __ of the book and found and memorized five words:

sleep on it,

3d step: I read until page 38 of the book and found and memorized zero words.

4th step: I read until page 72 of the book and found and memorized zero words.

5th step: I read until page 100 of the book and found and memorized one word:

FOMO (fear of missing out)

6th step: I keep reading – I am on approximately page 150half of the book – and and memorized zero words.

7th step: I keep reading – I read until page 155 and memorized zero words.

8th step: I read until page 200 and memorized four words:

to oversee,

9th step: I read until page 200 and memorized four words:
striving for -> !
to come up with
undervalued – to value not enough

In Conclusion

Hi, my friends! I think I can made a conclusion of my experiment after these days. So, I’ve read 2/3 of book (in my native language) and have learned about 20 words. But I have a question now: did I become a better writer after this month? I think not really. But this activity was interesting, informative and I feel satisfaction about the ended process. In conclusion: I think these skills of writing and using English language will come in handy. And now I am going to change the trajectory of my life nearer to learning CSS.

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  1. Sasha Savchenko

    I’m looking forward your report about this method of memorize.

    And one more thing I can advise your, reduce top image a little bit)) It’s take too much page’s place

    1. Positive Knight

      How do you think, is it enough just to upload a smaller photo? I’ve tried to upload 1280px size instead of 1920px. And it looks smaller now – with spaces on the right and on the left on my screen.

  2. Sasha Savchenko

    To my mind better desicion is to do it with the help for some magic in css file. For example try to play with height and width of image (however better with container where image is) Also no bad variant to put image like background into container, and play with it. It will responsive on all devices and you can set height you want just write for it “background-size: cover” and before it you should set for container parameters you need.

  3. Sasha Savchenko

    I can see that you use standart theme of wordpress… in this case there are some trouble with it, for example when this one will update all your custom setting disappear… So it’s not good variant to do it such way… There is another variant how you can do it … but it needs some knowledge in php. If you like what you do, to my mind the best way is to create you custom theme on wordpress and do what you want with it.

    1. Positive Knight

      In this wordpress theme there is a possibility to add some css without editing code. So I am going to try to do this with CSS. But the question is how to make an image approximately 70% on big screen and to leave it 100% on small screens like smartphones?

      1. Positive Knight

        I already made it with CSS. On screen bigger than 600 px it will be show 70% of image.

    1. Positive Knight

      I’ve reduced picture to 60%. Does it look OK?

      1. Sasha Savchenko

        Pretty fine

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