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Amazing TV series for elementary and pre-intermediate learners

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Today I have found a very amazing TV series for English learning. And I want to share it with you. It’s for elementary or pre-intermediate learners. And it is called … (drumroll) … “Here and there”. And you can’t find it on Youtube. Actully, only one Episode. So, you will need to navigate to this website:


There is much other information on this resource, but about it – later, may be 😉 . Today – only about this cool informative TV series “Here and there”.

I find it comfortable for me to watch this TV series. And I want to give you a hint: if you have watched a video and didn’t recognize only a couple of words, it is your level. More unknown words is difficult, less is not interesting, not useful. So use only your-level video (audio) for improving your listening skills. In this case your progress will be faster.

Today’s tip for learning English:

You can watch one episode of such TV series per day. And it will be enough for your listening skills. Yes, you can watch 5 or 10 episodes in one time, but much better and more effective to make a routine from this activity. Watching (listening) English language of your level every day is the way to quick improvement of your English proficiency. So, do it every day, 10 minutes per day. If you can more – better. But the rule is to do it every day.

Sincerely yours, Positive Knight

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