6 applications for easy moving from Windows to Linux
moving from Windows to Linux

6 applications for easy moving from Windows to Linux

Do you want a system that requires less resources (in particular, because it does not use an antivirus program)? For example, you have an old computer. Do you not want to pay for the operating system? Do you just want to experiment? If you have not yet decided whether to connect your future with Linux, this article is for you. I am going to talk you about 6 programs that will make easier the moving from Windows to Linux.

An installing an operating system is simple, but not necessarily

An installing the operating system is simple. To do this, download an image of the operating system from the developer’s website. Create a bootable flash drive and burn this image to it. After that, restart your computer and boot from the flash drive and follow the system’s recommendations. However, this is not necessary. In order to try the Linux operating system, it is enough to install it on a virtual machine (for example, VirtualBox, it will take only few minutes) or create a bootable USB flash drive (or DVD) and boot from it and try OS. I recommend to play with a virtual machine. You can “turn it on” or “turn it off” when you want.

Below I give you a list of programs that have analogues in Windows. Or those that will make easier the “relocation” (moving) from Windows to Linux.

Which programs should you install?

  1. WPS Office is a free office suite containing almost a copy of the most popular three Microsoft Office programs – WPS Writer (MS Word analogue), WPS Presentation (MS PowerPoint analogue) and WPS Spreadsheets (MS Excel analogue).
  2. Favorite browsers. Depending on what is already installed, you can add Google Chromium or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. GThumb — a free application for simple image editing. Suppose you need to resize, crop, change brightness, etc. for one or more images at a time. The program is great for this. If you used to use “Office picture manager” before on Windows, then the Linux’s GThumb will be a great replacement.
  4. MEGA — cloud storage and file synchronization. The company offers free up to 50 GB of space. It is very convenient if you are planning a bit by bit transition from Windows or Mac to Linux. For example, by installing this program on both operating systems (on different computers), you will have access to your files in the “move” process.
  5. Skype. Yes, pea still use it.
  6. Gimp. If you need an analogue of Photoshop, then of course it’s Gimp. I have not used it for a long time. However, I remember that this is a high-level program with brushes, layers and so on.

In Conclusion

For operating systems like Linux there are many programs for various needs (both paid and free), so you can not hesitate to choose this path. And nobody knows how it will continue — maybe you will achieve the experience of a regular user, or perhaps you will become a system administrator or an open source software enthusiast.

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