3 best places for future web-master
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3 best places for future web-master

I finally completed the CSS course at Codecademy. And now I can officially say that I started web-master’s education / career (and I have a first item in my portfolio. It took me couple of hours of hard work to do it).

I see three places where I can improve my technical skills:

1) first of all off course it’s practice (to make mock-ups from free PSD-files into HTML/CSS). So, first place is notepad (actually Sublime Text) with avocode;

2) the second place is the Codecademy. There are lot to study at this place. There is a path called “How to Build Websites”. It includes HTML, CSS and so on;

3) the third place is my favorite website W3Scools. It has complete tutorials for newbies or not. All stuff with examples / exercises.

I am going to hang out there on these places for web-master which I recommend for you too if you has interest in making websites.

Sincerely Yours,
Positive Knight

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  1. Sasha Savchenko

    Well done! Hope in the near future you web skill up to level that allow you to be part of great IT company.

    Keep working hard!

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