Plugin Custom Post Type ‘book’

I made this plugin for educational purposes. Tasks was here.

I added only 4 my own classes in ‘includes’ folder and used activator and deactivator for saving to database options of plugin.

For this plugin I created in OOP style:

  • custom post type;
  • custom taxonomy;
  • new subpage in admin area with plugin settings;
  • new widget;
  • new widget in dashboard (it shows top 5 categories by count of items).

My Code on GitHub.

S3 innovate

WordPress integration of landing page (front-page.php). I used Advanced Custom Fields for creating this task. Couple days – and job was ready. Demo here. Code on GitHub.


WordPress integration of landing page (one page template). It uses AJAX technology for displaying (filtering by terms and searching in terms) Custom Post Types – books. Demo here. Code on GitHub.


This WordPress template I made for Qoders company as a test task. Look at file “template-landing.php”. Most text is hardcoded, but it is not difficult for any developer to extend functionality by adding some ACF fields. I remade the bootstrap carousel view a bit. In my.js you can see code for some enhancements (for example, bootstrap slider). Code on GitHub. Demo here.

Changing background page

When hover a title changing background of page. Made using wp_localize_script. All posts (count is set in settings of Admin Page) are available through scroll. Demo here. Code on GitHub.

An Old HTML tasks:

My first tasks.

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2nd/ 2019-06-11 21:42

3d/ 2019-06-20 11:32

4th/ 2020-12-23 21:40

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